Our Services


DM Plastics manufactures a comprehensive spectrum of plastic profiles in a varied range of thermoplastics. Our extrusion machinery allows us to be competitive in any extrusion market. We offer expertise in the fields of Flexibles, Foam Core, Co-extrusion and Ridged Profiles.

DM Plastics introduced injection moulding to provide an all-in-one service for clients under one roof. For 35 years we have used the latest equipment and have the ability to work on small, medium and large projects. Whatever our clients’ scope, we have the solution.



Over 35 years ago, DM Plastics invested in its own in-house compounding plant. This was to provide a solution to the long lead times quoted by local manufacturers, and ensure that client projects are completed timeously.

Whilst we do not actively sell compounds, we do develop to specific grades for individual products. This has enabled us to keep lead times to a minimum and maintain competitive prices, whilst also giving us a deeper insight into our customers’ product needs.


Tool Room

The state-of-the-art tool room at DM Plastics includes a CNC Wire Spark Eroder. It allows our qualified designers and toolmakers, all skilled in AutoCAD design and drafting software, to create products from design to the manufacture of samples. They are meticulous about details and quality control to ensure products with zero defects. Upon client approval, final moulds are developed before moving onto production.